Date 05/05/2020
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Vinh Dam Port: Connecting Phu Quoc – Nam Du

From April 30th, Superdong officially opened and put into operation a new fast ferry route: Vinh Dam Port (Phu Quoc) – Nam Du and return, replacing Bai Vong (Phu Quoc) – Nam Du route.

In the context of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, almost businesses in fields and industries, faced to difficulties.

However, with the proactive and early response plans, TTC Phu Quoc Toan Hai Van Joint Stock Company (TTC Phu Quoc, directly under TTC Group) has cooperated with Superdong Fast Ferry Kien Giang Joint Stock Company to opening and operating the  fast ferry route as planned, to congratulate the 45th anniversary of Independence day, the reunification of the country (April 30th, 1975 – April 30th, 2020) and 134 years of International Labor Day (1/5/1886 – 1/5/2020).

cảng vịnh đầm kết nối phú quốc nam du

Previously, to come Nam Du Island, it was only possible from the Rach Gia Pier (Rach Gia city). This is a big obstacle in terms of time and travel for tourists in Phu Quoc when they want to explore wild new lands, beaches with white sand in this famous tourist islands.

Therefore, with the desire to bring convenience, Superdong Fast Ferry Kien Giang Joint Stock Company officially chose Vinh Dam port as the starting line. This will be a new conneting for local and foreign tourists to the archipelago known as Maldives in Vietnam.

fast ferry route at Vinh Dam Port will operate with a frequency of 2 routes / day and that is the only option to go to Nam Du Island from Phu Quoc.

fast ferry route at Vinh Dam port will operate with a frequency of 2 routes  / day and that is the only option from Phu Quoc to Nam Du Island (Kien Hai District, Kien Giang Province). This will help tourists shorten the travel distance and travel costs compared to having to travel from Rach Gia pier.

Specifically, from Vinh Dam port (Phu Quoc) to Nam Du, fast ferry departure time is 8am and Nam Du returns to Vinh Dam Port (Phu Quoc) at 15:30 pm (starting from Nam Du at 14pm). Average duration is 90 minutes / trip.

Representative of TTC Phu Quoc said that fast ferry route at Vinh Dam port also contributed to opening up economic trade opportunities between Nam Du and Phu Quoc. Thereby, it also helps promote the tourism economy in the direction of sustainable development, as well as exploiting new potentials in the Nam Du island area.

cảng vịnh đầm kết nối phú quốc nam du

The first passengers on the new fast ferry route: depart from Vinh Dam port (Phu Quoc) – Nam Du

Vinh Dam Port is operated and managed by TTC Phu Quoc, located at Suoi Lon Hamlet, Duong To Commune, Phu Quoc District. The port is planned as a key cargo port in Phu Quoc and belongs to the port group in the Mekong Delta region.

Vinh Dam port is far from the center of An Thoi town about 6km and  far from Duong Dong town about 25km. To move to Vinh Dam port, visitors can easily use means such as taxi, motorbike, shuttle …

Endowed with nature, Phu Quoc pearl island and the Nam Du archipelago (Kien Giang province) have long been a tourist destination attracting a large number of tourists to visit. In recent years, Nam Du attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors every year and is constantly rising. In 2019, about 400,000 visitors come to the island.

cảng vịnh đầm kết nối phú quốc nam du

During this period, in order to prevent COVID-19, before begining the journey, passengers are required to declare their health, in addition to being measured body temperature, antiseptic hands and strictly comply with the regulations of The Ministry of Health stipulates measures to prevent and fight epidemics and ensure safety.

Source: Tuoi Tre Online

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