tàu cao tốc superdong


  • Ha Tien Phu Quoc
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    Adult 230.000vnd 225.818vnd
    Elder 195.000vnd 191.455vnd
    Disable people 170.000vnd 166.909vnd
    Children 160.000vnd 157.091vnd
  • Rach Gia Nam Du
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    Adult 230.000vnd 225.818vnd
    Elder (from >60, Vietnamese only) 192.000vnd 188.181vnd
    Disable people (Vietnamese only) 173.000vnd 169.364vnd
    Children 173.000vnd 169.364vnd
  • Rach Gia Lai Son
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    Adult 160.000vnd 157.091vnd
    Elder (from >60, Vietnamese only) 137.000vnd 134.649vnd
    Disable people (Vietnamese only) 120.000vnd 117.818vnd
    Children 120.000vnd 117.818vnd
  • Soc Trang Con Dao
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    Adult 370.000vnd 363.273vnd
    Elder (from >60, Vietnamese only) 320.000vnd 314.182vnd
    Disable people (Vietnamese only) 290.000vnd 284.727vnd
    Children 280.000vnd 274.909vnd
  • Phan Thiet Phu Quy
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    VIP (inclinable chair) 400.000vnd 392.727vnd
    Adult 350.000vnd 343.636vnd
    Elder (>60, Vietnamese only) 295.000vnd 289.636vnd
    Disable people (Vietnamese only) 260.000vnd 255.273vnd
    Children 250.000vnd 245.455vnd
  • Rach Gia Phu Quoc
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    Adult 330.000vnd 324.000vnd
    Elder (from >60, Vietnamese only) 280.000vnd 274.909vnd
    Disable people (Vietnamese only) 245.000vnd 240.545vnd
    Children 240.000vnd 235.636vnd
  • Rach Gia Hon Nghe
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    Adult 210.000vnd 206.182vnd
    Elder (from >60, Vietnamese only) 175.000vnd 171.818vnd
    Disable people (Vietnamese only) 155.000vnd 152.182vnd
    Children 150.000vnd 147.273vnd
  • Phu Quoc Nam Du
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    Adult 250.000vnd 245.455vnd
    Elder 210.000vnd 206.182vnd
    Disable people 210.000vnd 206.182vnd
    Children 200.000vnd 196.364vnd


  • Ha Tien Phu Quoc
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    Adult 185.000vnd 181.636vnd
    Elder (from >60, Vietnamese only) 155.000vnd 152.182vnd
    Disable people (Vietnamese only) 135.000vnd 132.545vnd
    Children (from 6-11, follow birth of year) 125.000vnd 122.727vnd
    Car - Motobike
    Motobike 80.000vnd 78.545vnd
    Car from 4 to 5 seats 700.000vnd 687.273vnd
    Cars from 7 to 9 seats, pickup truck 990.000vnd 971.999vnd
    Cars over 9 to 16 seats 1.200.000vnd 1.178.182vnd
    Cars over 16 to 25 seats 1.800.000vnd 1.767.273vnd
    Cars over 25 seats 3.000.000vnd 2.945.455vnd
    Tricycle 540.000vnd 530.182vnd
    Trucks 500kg to under 1.5 tons 1.200.000vnd 1.178.182vnd
    Trucks over 1.5 tons to 2.5 tons 1.400.000vnd 1.374.545vnd
    Trucks over 2.5 tons to 3.5 tons 1.600.000vnd 1.570.909vnd
    Trucks over 3.5 tons to 4.5 tons 1.800.000vnd 1.767.273vnd
    Trucks over 4.5 tons to 5.5 tons 2.000.000vnd 1.963.636vnd
    Trucks over 5.5 tons to 6.5 tons 2.200.000vnd 2.160.000vnd
    Trucks over 6.5 tons to 8 tons 2.400.000vnd 2.356.364vnd
    Trucks over 8 tons 300.000/tấn
    Containo 20 feet 6.000.000vnd 5.890.909vnd
    Containo 40 feet 8.000.000vnd 7.854.545vnd
    Containo 45 feet 10.000.000vnd 9.818.182vnd


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