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1. General terms:

1.1 Online booking system online.superdong.com.vn (referred to as “booking system”) belonging to Superdong Fast Ferry Kien Giang Joint Stock Company. (referred as “The Company” or “Superdong”) When making a booking at our system, you agree to the applicable terms and conditions, and notices, including but not limited to by the terms of use of the Website.If you have no intention of purchasing or you do not agree to any part of the terms of use or other applicable terms and conditions, please STOP USING USE the Company’s booking system.

1.2 The information in the booking system is subject to change at any time without prior notice. Please visit the Company’s website to view these Terms. Superdong disclaims responsibility or makes a guarantee that the website will be free of operational errors, safety, uninterrupted or any guarantee of the accuracy, completeness and punctuality of the information displayed.

2. Use for personal and non-commercial use:

The booking system is for personal and non-commercial use only. Do not modify, copy, distribute, transmit, transfer, or sell any information, software, products or services obtained from this booking system.

3. The booking system:

3.1 The booking system merely provides the timetable and available seats of Superdong ferries, then allows customers to make legally reservations. We reserve the right to deny your access to the system when it is suspected that you are abusing the system for illegal purposes.

3.2 When booking a ticket, you must fully comply with the conditions for using the booking system of the Company and other relevant laws, including the provision of complete customer information in accordance with the documents. Identity card (ID card, passport, birth certificate or driver’s license) and pay in full when payment is due. Also comply with all rules and restrictions regarding the availability of fares, products or services. The customer is only responsible for fees, surcharges, taxes and arising from the use of the booking system.

3.3 The customer has the right to use the booking system to legally purchase tickets.

4. Booking rules:

4.1 The maximum number of tickets in a single booking is 09 tickets.

4.2 Children must be accompanied by adults, children under 6 years old at the time of travel are exempt from tickets, children from 6 to under 11 years old (based on birth certificates) at the time of travel must buy child tickets, tickets Must be booked at the same time and ticket type as the accompanying adult.

4.3 The reservation is in relation to the applicable fare conditions and the amount of available seats in that fare.

4.4 After you book tickets on www.superdong.com.vn system and pay in full before the payment deadline, you will be issued a boarding pass. Via the email address you provided when booking. We are only responsible for sending boarding passes to the correct email address provided by you when booking. In the wrong case, you should contact the Company for support.

4.5 Fares and taxes will be indicated on the system in Vietnamese Dong (VND). The payment system accepts online payments by ATM cards, bank transfers, international credit and debit cards or cash deposits at the offices of the two payment gateways above.

5. Not to be used for illegal purposes:

5.1 You are not allowed to use Superdong booking system to make any unauthorized, speculative, or fraudulent bookings and other acts prohibited by law.

5.2 Prohibited acts when using the booking system:

(a) Use the booking system for any activity involving illegal conduct;

(b) Using a booking system to interfere with the booking of another user’s ticket;

(c) Use other methods to transact or collect information when you are unable to use our systems.

If you violate one of the above acts, Superdong Company reserves the right to unilaterally cancel your booking without informing or explaining the reason for cancellation.

6. Limit of use:

Superdong reserves the right to use and manage (including services, copyrights and patents) on the software, information and materials available in the booking system. You are not allowed to download or obtain any software, customer information or documents available in the system without the written consent of Superdong Company. Superdong Company is only responsible for providing your information to legal agencies upon request to serve the security and defense of Vietnam of the competent state management agencies.

7. Age and responsibility:

Customer must ensure your legal age when using a booking system in accordance with your conditions of use. You must manage all use of the booking system under your name or account and ensure that all information provided by you while using the booking system is correct and accurate. true.

8. Disclaimer:

The current booking system still has some incomplete things, which may have some unexpected errors, to the extent permitted by law, Superdong disclaims all warranties and commitments to the booking system. Include commercial, suitable for a particular purpose, that does not infringe intellectual property or other property rights or compatibility between the booking system and any software or hardware.

9. No guaranteed:

Superdong does not guarantee that your access to or use of the booking system will be uninterrupted or error-free, or that any information, data, content, software or other materials are accessible. There are no bugs, viruses or other harmful components in the system.

10. Limitation of liability:

To the extent permitted by law, Superdong is not responsible for damages, losses or claims against the booking system including errors caused by negligence, whether actual, incidental, arising or otherwise Causes are related to any of the following:

(a) Accessing or using the booking system;

(b) Data, information or documents contained in the booking system including the use of such data, information or documents to check fares and seats, booking or any other use;

(c) Provide any personal or business information, including bank and credit card details;

(d) The system is not available for booking due to the computer network, ancillary equipment, system or technology or any other circumstances, including the use or inability of the system to check the price and number of seats either for booking, payment or any other use;

(e) Operation or decommissioning of the system or failure of any function or service attached to the booking system, in whole or in part;

(f) Any unauthorized access or breach of security to the booking system over the global computer network.

(g) Any booking made through the system without registration or incomplete or delayed or error-free.

If there is any damage arising from the login or use of the booking system for which Superdong is responsible, Superdong will not be responsible for exceeding responsibility for the subscription fee and the service fee. ticket booking system.

11. Cancel or suspend the service:

Superdong may cancel or suspend the use of booking systems at any time without notice if Superdong suspects that the booking system or your User ID and password are in use, or has Can be used:

(a) By a person without your permission; or

(b) Violation of the conditions of use; or

(c) In a manner that could cause damage to You or Superdong. Superdong may unilaterally terminate at any time, give no reason or notice, terminate or limit your access to the booking system or void any booking through system without giving any reason or notice to you.

12. Security:

Superdong will take reasonable measures to ensure that the information you store in the booking system will be confidential and protected from unauthorized access, but Superdong does not guarantee against unauthorized access and will not accept any take legal responsibility for any unauthorized access to such information.

13. Applicable law:

The Online Booking Conditions are construed and governed by the provisions of the laws of Vietnam and you agree with the judgments of the courts in Vietnam.

You have read carefully and agree to comply with all regulations on online ticket purchase of the Company and are responsible for the accuracy of the above information.

Please check carefully and confirm the information provided before making a ticket purchase. After making the payment on the next page you will not be able to change the information provided.

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