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This website is owned and managed by Superdong Fast Ferry Kien Giang Joint Stock Company. By accessing and using this website, you have automatically agreed to the terms and conditions set forth herein. So please read and research carefully before using again.
1. Terms of Use
When using Superdong’s Website (hereinafter referred to as “Website”), you have implicitly accepted the terms and conditions of use (hereinafter referred to as “Terms of Use”) as set forth below. . For the latest amendments, you should check the “Terms of Use” regularly. Superdong reserves the right to change, adjust, add or remove the contents of the “Terms of Use” at any time. If you continue to use the Website after there are such changes, it means that you have accepted such changes.
2. Properties of displayed information
The content displayed on the Website is for the purpose of providing information about Superdong, about passenger transportation, luggage and goods, hotel services, as well as other services provided by Superdong’s partners on tourism. , travel,… to provide (referred to as “the Provider”).
3. Information security policy
See in the section “Information Security Policy
4. Links to other websites
Website provides a number of links to the Website or other data source. You are solely responsible for using these links. Superdong does not evaluate or authenticate the content, accuracy, opinions expressed at these Web sites and linked data sources. Superdong disclaims any liability with respect to the accuracy, content presented, security level and whether to display or obscure the information on the Web sites and data sources mentioned above.
5. Backlinks from other websites
Superdong does not allow any Internet Service Provider to “put the whole” or “embed” any element of this Website on another page or use techniques that alter the theme/appearance of Website.
6. Indemnity
The information displayed on this website is not accompanied by any warranty or liability of any kind from Superdong or other suppliers, whether officially or implied, including but not limited to conformance. of the product or service selected by the buyer. Superdong and other vendors also disclaims responsibility or make a guarantee that the website will be free from operational errors, safety, uninterrupted or any guarantee of the accuracy, completeness and timeliness of information displayed.
By accessing this website, you expressly agree that Superdong, together with other partners, their officers, managers and representatives do not assume any liability related to injury or loss. , claim, direct damage or indirect damage resulting from unforeseen or consequential consequences of any kind arising out of or in connection with: (1) use of the information on this website ; (2) access to links from this website; (3) membership registration, email registration or participation in Superdong promotions; (4) Whether or not Superdong or any other supplier performs the service even in the event that Superdong or the supplier has been warned of the possibility of damage; and (5) restrictions related to online booking described here.
The above conditions and restrictions are in effect only within the current legal framework.
7. Intellectual property rights
This website and all content placed, displayed are owned and are the exclusive property of Superdong and its suppliers are Superdong’s business partners. All uses or quotes must not cause damage to Superdong and are subject to the following conditions: (1) For personal, non-commercial use only; (2) all copies or excerpts must retain the copyright signs or any other intellectual property notices shown in the original version; and (3) any product, technology or process used or displayed on this Website may be related to the copyrights or other intellectual property of Superdong and related suppliers without being able to transfer. tolerable. All content provided on this Website is not permitted to be duplicated, displayed, published, disseminated, informed or circulated to anyone.
in any form, even on other independent websites without the consent of Superdong. All images, trademarks, trademarks or logos displayed on this Website are protected by the Intellectual Property Law and other relevant laws and your use of this Website does not give you the right to use. use, duplicate or own.
8. Modifications
Superdong reserves the right to change, modify or terminate the operation of this Website at any time.
9. Governing law and dispute resolution agency
These Terms and Conditions are governed by the laws of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. The Court of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam is the only authority with jurisdiction to resolve all relevant disputes.
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