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This privacy policy declares the manner in which Superdong Fast Ferry Kien Giang Joint Stock Company (referred to as “Superdong” or “We”) collect, store and process information or personal data (“personal information”) of its Clients through the website www.superdong .com.vn

We are committed to protecting the privacy of the Customer’s personal information, will use our best efforts and use appropriate measures so that the information that the Customer provides to us during the use of this website is protected. confidentiality and protection from unauthorized access. However, Superdong does not guarantee to prevent all unauthorized access.

In the event of unauthorized access beyond our control, Superdong will not be liable in any way for any claims, disputes or damages arising out of or related to access. Unauthorized access.

Customers are recommended to understand their rights when using Superdong’s services provided on this website. Superdong makes the following commitments in accordance with the provisions of Vietnamese law, which include the ways we use to keep the Customer’s information secure.


Superdong collects Customer’s Personal Information for one or more of the following purposes:

a. Make and manage reservations and ticket issuance to Customers (including online bookings);
b. Implement and manage the use of freight services;
c. Implement and manage marketing activities, providing promotional information to customers such as sending the latest updates on promotional      information and new offers related to our products and services;
d. Provide solutions to upgrade or change services to better serve customers’ needs;
e. Manage, analyze and evaluate data to develop appropriate sales policies and customer service policies;
f. Receive information, suggestions, suggestions and complaints from customers in order to improve the quality of our services;
g. Contact Customers to deal with Customer requests;
h. Ensuring the security and safety of the waterways and improving the safety of online payment transactions.


The types of Personal Information we collect from our Customers include:

a. Personal information such as full name, date of birth, identity card number, passport number or other identity verification document;
b. Contact information such as phone number, email address, fax number;
c. Payment information if paying by credit or debit card such as cardholder’s name, card number, expiration date;
d. Information about the Client’s business such as business name, business address, title; tax code.
e. Other information serving the Frequent Flyer Program such as home address, mobile phone number, personal email address, habits, preferences     and information related to special needs of the Customer .
f. The above Personal Information is required differently for specific services, including information required or optional. Customers have the right       to refuse or not provide all the requested information. In that case, Superdong is unable to provide Customer with sufficient and quality services.
g. To get the best service, customers need to ensure the accuracy and completeness of the information provided to us. If there is any change in               Customer Personal Information, please notify us through the forms published on the website.



Business registration certificate: 1700556108

Address: No.10, 30/4 street,Quarter 2, Duong Dong ward, Phu Quoc city, Kien Giang province.

Tel: (+84) 919 664 660

Email: hotro@superdong.com.vn


Superdong collects the customer’s personal information mentioned in Section 2 above through the website through online booking service or specific promotions.


Superdong will store the Personal Information provided by the Customer on our internal systems during service provision to the Customer or until the purpose of collection is completed or upon Customer’s request. cancel the information provided.


Superdong may disclose Personal Information collected from Customer to third parties, such as our agents, other service providers or related travel businesses, in order to provide the best service possible. for customers.
Superdong will endeavor to ensure that any employees, officers, agents, consultants or third parties mentioned above in connection with the collection and processing of information Customer will perceive and understand. This privacy policy.
In addition, Superdong may be required to provide Customer’s personal information to authorities, Government agencies for national security and security purposes and other statutory purposes to the extent. required or statutory.


Any customer who voluntarily provides personal information to Superdong has the following rights:

a. Request to review the information collected;
b. Request a copy of collected information;
c. Request to correct, supplement collected information (directly by accessing your account on Superdong website or through our customer support     system);
d. Request to stop collecting information;
e. Request to delete information that has been collected.
f. Customers can exercise the above rights by accessing the website by themselves or by contacting us via email or the contact address published on       Superdong website.
g. In case Customer provides Superdong with inaccurate or incomplete personal information to confirm Customer’s identity, we cannot protect             Customer’s right to confidentiality as set forth above.


All personal information of customers collected from Superdong website will be kept safe; Only the customer can access his / her personal account with the username and password chosen by the customer.

We are committed to confidentiality, do not share, disclose, and transfer customer personal information, online transaction information on Superdong website to any third party without the consent of the customer. goods, except when required by the competent State authorities, or as required by law or the provision of such information is necessary for us to provide services / utilities to customers. row

We will endeavor to apply technology solutions to prevent theft or unauthorized access to information; unauthorized use, alteration or destruction of information. However, we cannot commit to prevent all infringements and unauthorized use of personal information beyond our control. Superdong will not be liable in any way for any claims, disputes or damages arising out of or in connection with such unauthorized access, intrusion or use of information.

In case the information server is attacked by hacker resulting in loss of personal data, adversely affecting the customer, we will immediately notify the customer and submit the case to the authorities. processing.

For online transactions made through Superdong Website, We do not store customer’s payment card information. Customers’ account information and payment cards will be protected by Superdong’s payment gateway partners according to international standards.

Customer is obliged to keep his username, password and email confidential. We will not be liable in any way for any damage or loss (if any) caused by the customer’s failure to comply with this privacy regulation.

Customers are absolutely prohibited from using tools or programs to illegally interfere in the system or alter Superdong data. In the event that we detect that customers have acts of intentionally tampering, fraud, distributing personal information illegally … We have the right to transfer personal information of customers to the competent authorities for processing. according to the provisions of the law.


Superdong will revise this Privacy Policy at any time when necessary, the updated Privacy Policy will be published on our website.

According to the law, the preferred language and reference language is Vietnamese. In case of any inconsistency in the interpretation between the Vietnamese version and other languages, the Vietnamese version shall prevail.

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