Promotion of Superdong “Đặt Vé Liền Tay – Nhận Ngay Ưu Đãi”

From February 20th to March 22th, 2021, Superdong has launched the promotion “Đặt vé liền tay – Nhận ngay ưu đãi” as detail below: When customers buy tickets for 02…

Superdong Operations With A Grand Opening New Fast Ferry Service Between Rach Gia And Hon Nghe

On 19th December 2020, Superdong Fast Ferry Kien Giang Joint-stock Company has officially opened and operations have set up a new fast-ferry route from Rach Gia to Hon Nghe and return journey.

Gratitude Gifts To Vietnamese Women’s Day: “Happy Promotion – Happy Vietnamese Women’s Day 20th Oct”

Instead of loving words to “half of the world” on Vietnamese Women’s day, Superdong will dedicate small gifts with sincere and meaningful wishes to female customers on this occasion

Official: Superdong Launch Can Tho – Tran De Transit Bus
“Đón Hè Rực Rỡ – Ưu Đãi Bất Ngờ” When Booking Superdong Fast Ferry& Roro Ferry Tickets

July has come, welcome the glorious summer with the special offers when booking fast ferry and roro ferry tickets. Details of the offer you see more below. Săn vé dễ…

Official: Superdong Launches Contest “Goc Khoe Anh 2020”

Goc Khoe Anh is a playground for those who love to travel to the island and save the beautiful moments during your trip with Superdong fast ferry .    I….

Vinh Dam Port: Connecting Phu Quoc – Nam Du

From April 30th, Superdong officially opened and put into operation a new fast ferry route: Vinh Dam Port (Phu Quoc) – Nam Du and return, replacing Bai Vong (Phu Quoc)…

Tạm quên máy bay đi, đây là lý do bạn nên đi du lịch Côn Đảo bằng tàu cao tốc!

Bạn thường đi Côn Đảo bằng phương tiện gì? Đi tàu chậm từ Vũng Tàu, giá vé trung bình từ 350.000 – 400.000 nhưng phải mất 12 tiếng mới đến…