Date 18/06/2020
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“Đón Hè Rực Rỡ – Ưu Đãi Bất Ngờ” When Booking Superdong Fast Ferry& Roro Ferry Tickets

July has come, welcome the glorious summer with the special offers when booking fast ferry and roro ferry tickets. Details of the offer you see more below.

Săn vé dễ dàng – Ngập tràn ưu đãi

Starting from July 1st to July 31st  2020, Superdong has launched the promotion “Săn vé dễ dàng – Ngập tràn ưu đãi”.

When booking online, customers will receive a 20% discount on the total bill when booking 02 fast ferry or roro ferry tickets, apply for all Superdong routes.

đón hè rực rỡ ưu đãi bất ngờ khi đặt vé tàu cao tốc phà superdong

The program applies to all customers who book 02 fast ferry or roro ferry tickets, and pay online via the website:

Instructions for online booking to receive promotions: [click here]

Vi vu thả ga – Không lo về giá

In parallel with the program “Easy ticket hunting – Overwhelming incentives”, Superdong has also implemented a special program for customers using the roro ferry service of Ha Tien – Phu Quoc.

Specifically, customers will receive a 40,000 VND motorbike ticket discount when buying roro ferry tickets on the Ha Tien route to Phu Quoc and return.

The program is applied to customers who buy directly at the ticket offices and agency system of Superdong and via the online booking system:

đón hè rực rỡ ưu đãi bất ngờ khi đặt vé tàu cao tốc phà superdong

For customers who have finished booking passengers tickets at the online booking system, to buy more motorbike tickets, customers need to go directly to ticket offices system of Superdong.

Application period: From July 1st to July 31st 2020

* Note: The information of the roro ferry ticket and motorbike tickets buyer must match

Any questions during the booking process, customers can contact for additional support:

Hotline 24/7: 0919 664 660


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